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Non-Omani (expat) workers are covered under the following social insurance systems: Insurance for work injuries and occupational diseases, insurance for sick and other leaves and insurance for maternity leaves. These programs will apply to non-Omani (expat) workers on different dates. The program also includes a provident scheme for non-Omani workers to cover their end-of-service gratuity through monthly contributions paid by the employer to the Provident Scheme (scheme with fixed contributions with no subsidies available to categories and generations). In contrast, the contributions paid by the Omani worker are utilized for the insurance of old age, disability and death (a specific benefits program with subsidies to categories and generations, is partially financed and offers entitlements exceeding, in most cases, the contributed amount and investment returns). The employer or Omani worker or both may pay additional contributions voluntarily to the provident scheme.The dates for the application of the mentioned program on non-Omanis will be announced well in advance to allow for the proper preparedness of employers.