Maternity Leaves
A social insurance program that provides working mothers with maternity leave throughout pregnancy and after childbirth, allowing them to recover and care for their new born. The insurance policy also includes paternity leave to assist the father in supporting his family during this crucial stage.
  • The branch will commence services one years after the Social Protection Law is implemented.
  • The employer pays the allowance, and the Social Protection Fund compensates the employer.
Categories included:
  • Compulsory insurance is extended to all Omanis working in the Sultanate of Oman, including those on temporary contracts, training contracts, and retired workers on duty.
  • It covers non-Omani workers who operate in the Sultanate of Oman in accordance with the categories for which the Social Protection Board of Directors will issue a decision.
  • The requirements of this section do not apply to self-employed Omanis, part-time Omanis, Omanis working in Gulf Cooperation Council nations, or Omanis working overseas.
Maternity Leave Insurance Program Benefits:

Maternity Leave Allowance.

Allowance value:

Full pay for (98) days, of which fourteen days (14) may be prior to the delivery date.

If the covered person dies while giving birth or on leave, the insured father is entitled to the mother’s remaining leave allowance for childcare. If the uninsured mother dies during birth or during the leave in issue, the insured father is equally entitled to the same leave allowance.

Within one year of the expiration of the first period, the insured person has the right to request for leave to care for the child without maternity leave allowance for 98 days. The maternity leave insurance branch shall pay the whole contributions of the covered person and the employer to the old-age, disability, and death insurance branch and the job security insurance branch for the duration of the leave period.

How to apply:
The employer submits the application.

Paternity leave allowance

Allowance value:

Full pay for 7 days.

Eligibility Conditions: 
  •  If the kid is born alive or the pregnancy has exceeded the (25) twenty-fifth week, and the child dies after the (25) twenty-fifth week, the insured is entitled to have a leave allowance.
  • The maternity leave cannot last longer than the child’s first (98) days of age.
  • If the proper documentation is submitted, a child who has been separated from his original family may be fostered if the child is under the age of three (3) months at the time the leave application is submitted.
Required documentation:
  • The civil number  in addition to confirming the authenticity of contact, residence and other information in the civil record of the Royal Oman Police.
  •  An application  must be submitted by the employer to the Fund, to compensate the employer for the salaries and contributions paid to the insured during the period of leave, along with the supporting documents.
  • supporting documents of pregnancy.
  • A birth certificate from the civil status.